Verifying School Bus Eligibility

The Department of Transportation has enhanced their homepage to include tools for parents/students to verify their access to transportation services. 

These enhancements will determine eligibility for school bus services by verifying transportation boundaries & student distance.

The functionality of the 3 applications below do not require parents to be logged on to the Parent Portal.  

  • School Info:  This application is useful for users to determine attendance/transportation boundaries for specific schools.  In addition, specific boundaries for magnet programs are reflected.
  • Which School Do I Attend:  This application is useful for users to determine their home school, as well as their location in relation to the school.  A map is provided with the attendance boundary is also provided.
  • Can I Ride a Bus?:   This application allows users to determine transportation eligibility based on their address.   In addition, it provides directions & walk distance for students that are not eligible.  Students that are eligible will be provided confirmation of their eligibility based on being over 2 miles and within the school boundary.