FCM At a Glance

Our Students: Academically promising boys and girls in grades Kindergarten through 8th. Frank C. Martin International K-8 Center has approximately 1100 students from many cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Over fifty countries are represented by our student body.

Our Teachers: FCM teachers are intelligent, caring and extremely hard-working. Almost half of our teachers possess advanced degrees. In addition to teaching, many educators serve as advisors and club sponsors.

Our Campus: The school grounds cover 15 acres composed of ten buildings and numerous green spaces. The media center and cafeteria are located in the center with the PYP and MYP buildings situated on opposite sides of the campus. The core campus is adjoined by the expansive athletics field on one side and Sgt. Joseph Delancy Park on the other.

Advanced Academics: All FCM students have the opportunity to take advanced science and math courses in the middle grades. Students may take Physical Science and then Biology. Students may also challenge themselves by taking Algebra I and then Geometry.

Foreign Languages: Every student is enrolled in either a Spanish or French course. Students are provided instruction from primary grades and have the option of taking advanced high-school language courses in the middle grades.

The Arts: Every student will experience the arts through numerous visual and performing arts classes ranging from art to band, orchestra, and chorus.

Athletics: In addition to physical education, FCM offers intramural team sports.